Virtual Piggy Bank: Digital and Innovative Permanent Fundraising Tool

Nowaday it is necessary to reach as many people as posible, people who are willing to donate pemanently. Here is were a digital solution Will be our  essential allí o offer a more accessible and easy donation solution and at the same time create a long-term relationship with the donor.


Our solution is a VIRTUAL PIGGY BANK

It is a fast, friendly, innovative and high-standard solution that consists of creating a personalized multi-user, multi-currency and multi-NGO platform, where each fundraiser or donor has and maintains a personalized money collection account associated with an NGO, such as a savings account: a VIRTUAL PIGGY BANK.


The goal of this VIRTUAL PIGGY BANK is to become in the most efficient and expeditious tool for an NGO to face from massive national fundraising campaigns to permanent personal donations.


This piggy bank, accessible to funsraiser as users through the platform, has the possibility of being associated with a link that the collector can also share among their contacts, in their networks and thereby be able to manage their collections from the NGO or NGOs to which they belong or want to belong


The platform also considers the development of communication management via e-mail marketing with collectors and NGOs and also between NGOs and the donors of each Fundraiser.



This innovative fundraising tool is aimed primarily at two large groups of potential Fundraisers/Donors:

1.- Young people with sporadic income but motivated by noble causes

2.- People who, regardless of their age, are reluctant to donate frequently

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Our solution is a concrete and ideal response to the C challenge of having new channels and tools to increase relevance and long-term value with our followers.

The challenge of the VIRTUAL PIGGY BANK is to obtain fast, measurable, customizable and scalable results that allow both the fundraiser in national mass funsraising campaigns and in permanent personal donations:

- A personalized platform

- Increase in conversion,

- Donation is simpler and easier

- A single place to have all the management and donation information

- Friendly, complete and easy to implement multi-currency system

- Safe and reliable donation environment

- Organization, management and supervision of volunteer fundraiser

-Back office

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The VIRTUAL PIGGY BANK is basically aimed at two Target Groups


1.- On the one hand we have the possibility of approaching the younger generations, with the energy and motivation to be agents of change, but more akin to donating time rather than money, and who find it difficult to donate money as they are not individuals with stable economic solvency, to make regular donations. However, with this solution they can make sporadic donations, increasing the frequency of those donations and at the same time making them part of an agent of change, by becoming a promoter of the idea among their Friends.


2.- On the other hand, we have People/Donors, who make up a transversal age group and who would like to collaborate permanently to the extent of their possibilities, but who are still reluctant to do, so on a regular basis but who would be willing to make donations. smaller or less frequently than a monthly donor.

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  • Aug 18, 2022
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