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"Giv wants to help those who want to help." Giv is a free charity tailoring app that reduces overwhelm for every type of donor and increases donations to top ethical organizations.

Remember to be user-centric. Think about your user’s needs/problems you are trying to address.


The majority of everyday donors face the barrier of not knowing where to start when looking to donate, and pondering exactly what impact their donation will have.


The majority of potential donors face the barrier of not knowing where to start when looking to donate, pondering exactly what impact their money will have. Not everyone can afford major donations or have easy access to research proving nonprofit ethics. End users at times are unsure of exactly how their money will be used and end up hastily donating to a charity. Other users may become so overwhelmed by the hundreds of thousands of options existing on the internet that they forgo donating altogether. Filtering down the charities that provide the greatest donor impact is especially pertinent for users who want to give back now more than ever, despite the financially unstable times for all. Giv accomplishes this by curating top vetted organizations using respected sources such as CharityWatch and Charity Navigator to users’ preferences, thereby simplifying the donation process to make it easier, faster, and more secure for all. Lastly, not only does Giv increase user gratification, it also increases donations to nonprofits globally that might not otherwise get much traffic. Giv is completely free to start. No matter your race, SES, gender, or political beliefs, Giv to help those who want to help. Giv prototype: Additionally, if you are curious to see the full case study in my portfolio, you can find it here:



Please describe your proposed solution and indicate how this is improving the alternatives, if there are. Who will be willing to pay for this solution?


Giv is an app that reduces overwhelm and increases trust in the charity donation process. It accomplishes this by tailoring top vetted organizations to users’ preferences and simplifies the donation process to make it easier, faster, and more secure for all. Giv reduces unwanted time spent researching organizations on Google, not knowing where to begin or who is actually using donations in the ways they promise. This solution leads to an increase in donations to responsible nonprofits globally and greater user gratification.  



Giv works by curating top recommended, highly rated charities to the user’s philanthropic interests through a rapid onboarding quiz. The user can also browse from the 100 current top charities in the app. Coming soon are also social networking and impact reporting features from their favorite selected charities.



Through academic research, surveys, heuristic evaluations, competitive analysis, user interviews and A/B usability testing, and subsequent data analysis and synthesis, I was able to gather key insights with this evidence-based research to credibly support the problem I am trying to solve. Attached is are a few methodologies and visual representations of some of the insights I gathered regarding user needs and pain points.



I have always been passionate about social impact and the nonprofit sector. In today’s age (and in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and racial injustice), nonprofits, their causes, and overwhelmed donors need support now more than ever. My goal was to create a product that helps donors have a personalized, seamless, and inviting donation experience while also helping to increase visibility and donations to charities.


How big will the revenue be if your idea were to be implemented? Is your idea scalable? It your idea replicable in most of the countries?

The steps that are needed to be taken to make Giv functional and operational include the following:

1. Have a developer write the front end and backend code, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. More fine tuning of the UX and UI would take place using Sketch and/or Figma, as well as a refinement of the information architecture using InVision, and tweaking of the UX writing to ensure it aligns with Giv's branding.

2. Once the product is completely coded and functional, the beta product must undergo a pilot round of testing with a small target user population of ~10%. This will look similar to the usability testing conducted in the earlier phases of prototyping. Refining of the branding continues.

3. After insights are gathered from the pilot testing group and it has successfully passed the testing requirements, Giv would move on to testing it with a larger target audience to prove its feasibility with approximately a quarter to a half of the user population (16-49%). A beta phase web app will also be created by again utilizing the resources of product designers, developers, product managers, and marketing.

4. The goal at this phase is for Giv is to reach the masses via being placed on the iOS App Store. From here, we can work out bugs and implement the "Freemium" subscription.

5. To bring Giv to mass scale, a PR and Advertising team would create ads in the App Store, on social media, involving influencers, and word of mouth to attract millennial target users.

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Casey Vermette

Wonderful Idea, how do you think you wills secure the interest of the Non-profits at first recognizing that will be the draw for the donors. Is there any sort of campaigning plan for the np or more focused on the donors?