“La Vaca” Fundraising and Benefits Platform

Nowadays more than ever, people are inclined to collaborate with others, to impact the world around them with concrete actions, we are more sensitive to donating to those who need it, empathizing with various humanitarian causes, but in most cases this happens just one time. The challenge is that they do it on a recurring, sustained and constant basis over time.

That is why we believe that it is easier for people to donate when it is part of their day-to-day activities.


The solution we propose is a platform for donations and benefits for the consumption of experiences, products and services aimed at 3 defined audiences:

1.- Gen Z

2.- Millennials

3.- Gen X


This platform can be exclusive to a particular NGO or be made up of a pull of NGOs that receive contributions equally


This platform is in agreement with different brands of products, services or experiences that wish to participate and that is fed with all the purchases that the donor makes with their payment methods, so the donor has to register/link those payment methods in the platform and start using them as usual.

The idea is that the donor makes a minimum, marginal donation of, for example, half dollar for each purchase with their payment methods in the brands associated with the platform (Retail, restaurants, supermarkets, telcoms, basic services, etc.)

Your monthly accumulated donation remains in a personal electronic piggy bank expressed in $$ and that automatically or manually distributes the accumulated amount among the registered NGOs or the NGO of your choice.




The monthly amount of money donated to the NGO(s) is weighted according to a scale or ranking that gives the donor the possibility of accessing to attractive benefits: discounts, promotions and exclusive gifts in coffe shops, cinemas, restaurants, bookstores, gyms, concert tickets, hotel stays, plane tickets, bus tickets, tickets to parks, festivals, fairs, various courses and workshops

The more monthly accumulated money you donate, the higher are the benefits you can access with a term to consume them of 3 months or 90 days.


(*) In Chile, it is a deeply rooted social custom to help each other between families or neighbors or communities and consists of raising the amount of money that a person or group particularly needs and that they do not have the means to achieve on their own. In most cases it is about raising money to pay for studies, operations, purchase of materials for enterprises, etc.

It is called, then, "hacer una vaca" the act of managing the solidarity collection of money to meet the goal of money that a person or group requires.

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Aldeas Infantiles Chile

Remember to be user-centric. Think about your user’s needs/problems you are trying to address.

Our solution is addressing the C Challenge: new channels, new tools

The technological challenge that we are facing is to integrate for the first time a unique Multi-Target money accumulation system (transverse to 3 different audiences) and Multi-NGO for purchases associated with a platform of benefits for the donor that gives something back to change to motivate you to contribute consistently to one or more causes

What type of data and insight did you use for this analysis? 

Our audiences are made up of:


1.- Gen Z, 100% digital generation and that their interaction with the world is resolved through their mobile phone. Sensitive to planetary, environmental, humanitarian and animal causes. Aware of the need to eat healthy, some practice veganism or vegetarianism. They are able to donate, but they do not keep a record of it, easily becoming demotivated if there is no concept, trend, fashion, fame, influencer that permanently validates them and motivates them to donate.


2.- Millennials, generation in their thirties, late and somewhat selfish parents who think of instrumentalizing their career or work area to indulge in material pleasures or take sabbatical years touring Southeast Asia, however they are the most enthusiastic entrepreneurs of their own businesses, with strong inclination to innovate and impact the world around them. For this reason, they recognize the value of ideas and putting them down on paper to carry them out with real deadlines and values, so donating is motivating for them when the aid project is clear, has results and incidentally has benefits for them.


3.- Gen X, the oldest of the three, has the experience and life lived with ups and downs to organize and define the importance of the accessory. It is a generation that has learned to value human relations over commercial ones, that is ready to collaborate even with time to the extent of its possibilities, but that are easily overwhelmed by the excess of information, stimuli and ways of donating "electronics" that definitely beats them. Therefore, being a generation that is more organazid in its expenses, not very inclined to technology and aware that something can still be done to “fix” the planetary imbalances caused by their generation, they would be motivated to make donations through the practice of daily consumption what they normally do.

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