Solution (BR) / (US) is a platform that aims to offer multiple offers in a single system to add resources with all users in mind. From donor to fundraiser. is the pilot version that will be launched in Brazil. We thought about expanding, to an international version called

About the functionalities that the platform will allow to the responsible fundraiser, will be
1 - Possibility of creating numerous campaigns and fundraising landing page via digital marketing
2 - Possibility for any donor to be an ambassador of any Organization linked to the product, example: and makes the common user an ambassador and fundraiser for the organization
3 - Possibility to add a donation trecking. If the donation is a physical delivery product, follow the entire process from payment to final delivery. (as if it were an eccomerce)
4 - Crowdfunding Campaigns

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I'm Thiago Leon, Executive Director of Instituto Máquina do Bem, which aims to enhance and amplify the social impact of NGOs through technology, design and communication. I am also responsible for the World Vision Brazil Innovation Center as a joint partnership.

Remember to be user-centric. Think about your user’s needs/problems you are trying to address.

The platform aims to simplify the user experience. Be it a donor/influencer or a fundraiser through an organization. We aim for a simple, fast and transparent donation checkout for the user experience. For the donor to offer a platform at an affordable cost, focused on facilitating the dynamics from small to large organizations, with realtime reports.

What type of data and insight did you use for this analysis? 

In Brazil, a booming market with a lot of potential for fundraising, it has rare offers of fast and affordable solutions for fundraising. Through an internal survey with the fundraisers responsible for the organizations, an opportunity arose to create a system that could be accessible to everyone, both from a usage point of view and from a financial point of view.

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  • Aug 17, 2022
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