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Skyrocket your fundraising lead generation process with this autopilot Linkedin growth system

Linkedin automation process that will generate real 1-1 meetings with your fundraising major donor prospects

Remember to be user-centric. Think about your user’s needs/problems you are trying to address.

Traditional online marketing campaigns looking for new donors are not giving good results. Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Youtube ads and Linkedin ads aren´t performing as needed.

Furthermore cold calling and email marketing strategies are not providing the expected ROI... So it becomes urgent to find new ways to reach and convert potential donors.

On the other hand, I’ve found that hypergrowth B2B startups have a new way to hack their sales using an integrated outbound-inbound strategy based on Linkedin... which helps them generate real convesations with thousands of prospects organically and automatically. This method can be perfectly replicated by NGOs but as far as I know, they are not using this tactic.

I want to build a bridge, connecting Silicon Valley growth tactics with NGOs fundraising strategies.


For whom is your proven concept trying to solve a problem? (Examples of audience could be: parents between 30-50 years old, young professionals who live in the city, millennials, small non-profits, seniors and retirees, etc.)

This solution will help NGOs to connect with decision makers of big and mid-sized companies as well as “VIP” individuals potentially interested in NGOs causes.

What are their pain points and gain points? What type of data and insight did you use for this analysis? 

+ Traditional ways of addressing B2B and VIP prospects aren't providing a satisfactory ROI.

+ Outbound approaches are receiving reply rates below 10% (Which means that 90% of potential donors aren't being correctly addressed)

+ Inbound Marketing is not converting donors as expected (as social media is cutting down organic reach)

A value proposition is a positioning statement that explains what benefit you provide for who and how you do it uniquely well. It describes your target customer/donor, the pain point you solve, and why this new solution is better than other alternatives?

This process helps NGOs to start automatic and personalized conversations with thousands of targeted people every month. Is a 7 step process which integrates Linkedin automation tools, prospecting apps, Linkedin messages, e-mail sequences, hyper targeted facebook ads (with customer audiences), and social media interactions.

The magic behind this solution is that once you defined your target, all your effort is 100% oriented to this concrete list of people, instead of wasting money and time with massive ad campaigns.

Please briefly describe the process of piloting testing for your proven concept, and explain why the results have demonstrated its potential. Make sure you have adequate evidence that to demonstrate that your proven concept has addressed the problems/needs you identified.

I have designed this process for my own company (Brandtrack) which helped us to generate meetings with more than 500 managers of international companies (such as McDonalds, Hilton, Walmart and Lacoste) from more than 40 countries.

After years of refining it, I have started providing a training program for companies where I teach this methodology so they can convert their Linkedin accounts (and their sales team) in a "meeting machine". More than 100 companies around the world have been trained so far. I am also a growth mentor in 500 startups, a Silicon Valley accelerator, where I teach this methodology to all startups invested by them.

Please refer to the four evaluation criteria for this challenge:

  1. Innovative
  2. Impactful
  3. Replicable
  4. Feasible

This method is innovative since it combines automation linkedin apps which provide the possibility of starting real conversations with thousands of validated prospects and marketing automation tools that help respond with empathy and generate rapport through the interaction in massaging, social media and ads.



Please consider the following aspects of the investment:

  1. Financial resources (in USD)
  2. Time
  3. Tools
  4. Platforms
  5. Other relevant aspects

The resources needed will depend on the tactic each NGO choose.

This strategy can be implemented in any NGO in a month. The are two ways of doing so, the cheapest one is training somebody inside the NGO in this methodology with our program, for U$D 350 per trainee. So this person can implement the process for the NGO with a minimun cost around 100 usd per month in tools per fundraiser, the highest will be around 300 usd per month per fundraiser.

The other option is hiring an external consultant to implement the methodogy. It would be around 10k usd per setup fee and around 1-2k usd per month for mantaining it.

The main platforms are gmail and linkedin.

The Tools needed are: Linkedin, MeetAlfred and Phantom Buster

  • Nov 11, 2020
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Pablo de Manuel

We've done similar things and they work beautifully.
What you have sounds very professional :) Count me in if i can help in any way!