2020 submissions - Proven Concepts

Learn more about the proven concepts submitted in 2020


Why do we need this challenge now?

For decades, the same business models have been the driving force for growth in private sector fundraising. However, with new realities evolving and the development of technologies, it is a no-brainer to innovate. At the same time, it takes a long time to complete the full innovation cycle – not every non-profit organization can afford to run innovation programs that cover the whole process from exploration, ideation, testing, to finally scaling-up.

That's why 14 non-profit organizations have come together for this first- in- history Global Open Innovation Challenge for Fundraising. If you have proven concepts for the sector, this is where you can participate!


We are looking for proven concept that are...

  • Innovative: the proven concept you submit needs to be novel to the non-profit industry. However it may be already adopted by the private sector. Your concept
    • could be a new business model or a significant improvement of a current one.
    • Should enable us to significantly improve the way in which we engage with our existing donors, finding a new way to relieve their “pain points” or to solve a problem for them.
    • Or it should allow the sector to engage with new donor groups who are not inclined to support existing, traditional charity fundraising products and mechanisms.
    • As with the innovative idea track, concepts that also takes the new realities into consideration and propose a solution for the sector will have a higher chance of moving forward (e.g. how do we build trust with our supporters under the context of COVID-19?)
  • Impactful: The proven concept demonstrates great potential for driving future revenue growth. The pilot testing of this proven concept should have a positive projected sustainability regarding future financial revenue.
  • Replicable: the suggested proven concepts should be sustainable and capable of appealing to a wide enough audience at scale, ideally to multiple markets on the global level.
  • Feasible: With technology and resources available in the market, NGOs can move forward with the proven concept within one year.


Who can participate?

  • Fundraising practitioners
  • NGOs
  • Start-ups and companies
  • Agencies
  • Academic institutions
  • Individuals

For participants who are submitting in the name of an organization, please acquire the consent from that organization before you do so.


What is the timeline of this challenge?

  • Submissions for innovative ideas will remain open until November 11th (GMT+1). However, please do not wait until the last minute to submit your entry. The earlier you submit, the longer your proven concept will be displayed and the more visible it will be to our community on the platform.
  • Expert evaluation for proven concepts will run from November 12th to November 22nd.
  • A shortlisted participants will receive a notification about their qualification to participate in the livestreamed pitching session in mid-December. The owners of the shortlisted submission will have access to expert coaching in concept development and idea pitching.
  • The online pitching session will take place in early December. The panel consisting of representatives from all co-initiators will select the winners of the challenge directly after. An online award ceremony will subsequently take place.
  • The entries into this challenge will then be curated and synthesized into a digital Fundraising Innovation Playbook and be shared with all the participants in January 2021. 


 How to participate?

  • Submit your proven concept  in this pink track by clicking the blue "New Submission" button or consider submitting an innovative idea  in the other yellow track. You may submit your input into both tracks.
  • Share this initiative with your colleagues and friends and invite them to contribute.
  • Make comments, like, and share others' submissions.
  • Please note that the challenge does not require any entry fee for participants. Focal points from co-initiators.
  • Moderators and evaluators can also participate in the challenge. While assigning the evaluators, we will make sure that there is no conflict of interests.
  • If your organization would like to participate as a co-initiator of this challenge, please contact us at


What will happen next?

  • Entries will go through two rounds of expert evaluation, depending on the total number of entries of the challenge, we will agree on how many will go into the next round.  

  • The best entries with the highest evaluation result will be the winners, and they will participate in the idea pitching session to pitch for investment in piloting.

  • During the idea submission period, the entries remain public.  


Thank you for helping our sector move forward. We cannot wait for learn with and from you!

Do you need help?

Challenge Manager - Anna Sleptchenko

Dear Innovator, Welcome to the Open Innovation Fundraising Challenge! I am glad to assist you through the whole challenge process. Please, feel free to contact me for any issue or request. Let’s reimagine fundraising together! Best wishes and good luck!