What is Reimagining Fundraising?

A group of leading NGOs came together in 2020 to organize the first Reimagining Fundraising.  After missing a year during Covid, the organisations renewed the program for 2022, expanding its scope and adding seed funding and the Innovation Hub.

This year each of the NGOs have listed their challenges –  the difficulties they face in raising funds to build long-term programs to achieve their missions – helping children, refugees, and other people in need, protecting the environment, defending human rights and much more. The NGOs sought solutions to these challenges, you answered by submitting your proposed solution - now we are evaluating which solutions to award seed funding to in order to pilot them.

The 2022 International NGOs are UNICEF, WWF, UNHCR, SOS Children's Villages, Médecins Sans Frontières, World Vision, Amnesty International, ICRC, Four Paws, OXFAM, Care and Plan International.



This year the Reimagining Fundraising team includes two co-directors, Nick Allen and Marcelo Iniarra, experienced in fundraising and innovation globally. 

If you have any questions or requests, please contact Carley Willis at


Innovation Manifesto 2020

Reimagining Fundraising was launched in 2020 and brought together fourteen international NGOs. The challenge included more than 1,500 participants and over 230 submissions from companies, start-ups, fundraisers and non-fundraisers. These submissions were reviewed by 113 industry leading experts who were nominated by the fourteen participating NGOs. The finalists, challenge results and lessons learned have all captured in the Innovation Manifesto.